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2nd Annual Education & Outreach Summit
 April 27, 2019
Coping: Day to Day Challenges

Sponsors:  The Harold H. Bate Foundation, North Carolina Community Foundation Richard Chapman Cleve Fund, Havelock Civitan, Cherry Point Bay Nursing and Rehabilitation, Dr. Joseph P. Robinson, DDS, First Citizens Bank, Arabian Court 52, TEVA Pharmaceuticals.

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 Financial Information

Financial Information and Accomplishments

Additional information is available by conracting the  Executive Director at  252-733-0799

Noteworthy Accomplishments

Fiscal Year February 1, 2017 through January 31, 2018,  NMDSO is very proud to report that we:
Participated in a series of disease specific support group meetings
Assisted 4 families in need of long term care solutions by helping them understand basic needs and area facilities that would meet their needs. The final decisions were up to the families.
Coordinated with State Agencies to provide assistance to 3 families in need of assistance which included  ramps, home care and non medical supplies.
Purchased and delivered medical equipment and supplies to 5 people in need, These supplies were not covered by insurance or the insurance would not cover the cost of the equipment
Hosted 2017 NMDSO Outreach and Educational Summit in Augus. 75people attended and we have received 75 requests to make this an annual event. We are planning another event in the Spring of 2019 due to the positive response.
Participated in 3 local Community events to promote awareness.
Completed a study to determine a course of action to open Jenn’s Respite Care with the goal to open in 2020.

Started the research necessary to develop a long term care guide to assist families looking for a new home for their loved one.
In 2018 we plan to continue and build on our 2017 accomplishments, publish the NMDSO Long Term Care Guide, finalize the Jenn’s Respite Care Facility plans, raise the money for the respite care facility, and general operations.