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2nd Annual Education & Outreach Summit
 April 27, 2019
Coping: Day to Day Challenges

Sponsors:  The Harold H. Bate Foundation, North Carolina Community Foundation Richard Chapman Cleve Fund, Havelock Civitan, Cherry Point Bay Nursing and Rehabilitation, Dr. Joseph P. Robinson, DDS, First Citizens Bank, Arabian Court 52, TEVA Pharmaceuticals.

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    To improve the quality of life for those with a neuromuscular or neurological disease.
    * Provide access to services and support through advocacy and collaborative partnering. * Work to ensure anyone disabled with a neuromuscular or neurological disease has access to day to day needs. * Establish an age appropriate care facility that can be called home.
    Passionate Commitment, Honesty, Integrity, Excellent Service, Caring and Compassionate Support
Neuromuscular Diseases
 Neuromuscular disease/disorder is a broad term that encompasses many different syndromes and diseases that either directly or indirectly impairs the function of the skeletal muscles, the muscles that move the limbs and trunk.  Problems can occur within the muscle structure itself (pathology) or problems found in the signals sent to the muscle, such as through a nerve. Individuals with neuromuscular disorders have difficulties with motion, mobility, performing daily activities. Daily living activities include  swallowing, memory and judgment, speech and language, balance and coordination.
In general, problems with central nervous control can cause either spasticity or some degree of paralysis (from both lower and upper motor neuron disorders, upper motor neuron conditions usually being associated with concurrent hyperreflexia), depending on the location and the nature of the problem.
Neuromuscular diseases usually attack those from their 20's to early 50's. If an individual finds themselves unable to live at home their only current option is to move into a facility with a population of octogenarians. This can create a conflicting situation for those with young minds.  Our goal is to create a respite care facility in which all of those either neuromuscular/neurological  disases can feel welcome. Our target age  range is from 18 years of age and up.
Neuromuscular Disease Support Organization, NMDSO
Established in 2016 the Neuromuscular Disease Support Organization, NMDSO, is a IRS 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization that has been established in the State of North Carolina to assist individuals and families affected by a neuromuscular disease.
Located in Havelock NC, the NMDSO has teamed with Trinity Presbyterian Church also located in Havelock to provide services and support to those with a neuromuscular disease. Funding for our organization comes from individual donations and grants.
All the issues described above  can leave patients and their families faced with variety of challenges and financial strains. NMDSO has been established so that those afflicted can live with the confidence that they will have access to a support system as they battle the challenges of these diseases. Family support is also important and the NMDSO will support the family unit by providing support and services to help them endure the collateral impacts.
Our goals include providing local residential assistance, sponsoring support groups and hosting support group meetings, developing an long term care guide, providing assistance with durable medical equipment and supplies and opening a facility to those in need.
Please call our office if we can answer any questions or be of service
or if you would like to support our cause in any way. We believe
many hands make for little work and with many hands and God's blessings we will work miracles. 252-733-0799
If you would like to make  a donation please do so  via our
donate button or by sending a check to PO Box 1001 Havelock, NC
28532. Your donations are tax deductible.  Our goal that 75-80% of funds received will go directly to supporting those in need.